FKUI Collaboration with JICA-JST

FKUI determined to become a leading research medical school in Asia pacific region, to support such determination, FKUI has applied international standards in the administration of research and education. One form in the application of international standards in the administration of research is FKUI cooperation with JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency)-JST (Japan Science and Technology Agency).

At the end of September 2010 FKUI got a visit from JICA-JST to follow up on various research collaboration that has been discussed. Begin with a meeting of the Coordination Committee for the Identification of Substance of Anti-Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) and HCC and Dengue Vaccine Development in Space Professor of Faculty of medicine on Monday, September 27, 2010. JICA party was represented by Mr. Mitsuhiro Ushio (Executive Technical Advisor to the Director General, Human Development Department), Faculty of medicine represented by dr. Ratna Sitompul, SpM (K) (Dean of Faculty of Medicine UI and Project Director), Prof. Dr. Pratiwi Sudarmono, PhD, SpMK (Vice Dean and Project Manager) and dr. Tjahyani Mirawati Goddard, PhD, SpMK (Leader of Dengeu Research Group from Indonesia), Faculty of Medicine Airlangga University was represented by prof. Dr. Soetjipto (Vice Rector), dr. Fuad Hafid (Research Leader from Airlangga University) and Kobe University was represented by prof. Hak Hotta (Director of the Centre for Infectious Diseases, Kobe University Graduate School of Medicine), dr. Chie Aoki (Anti-HCV Substance Research Group), Dr. Yasuko Mori (Recombinant Varicella Vaccine Research Group), and Dr. Eiji Konishi (Dengue DNA Vaccine Research Group).

JST Party was represented by Mr. Shigeo Okaya and Ms. Keiko Saito (Research Partnership for Suintanable Development Division). Representatives from the Embassy of Japan, Mr. Takashi Yasukawa attended the coordination meeting. In the coordination meeting, each side both from Faculty of medicine, Medical Faculty Airlangga University and Kobe University presented the results of research and development that has been done. JICA activities continued with the holding of the International Seminar on Viral Diseases: Control and Management 2010 in the Shangri La Hotel, Jakarta on 28 to 28 September 2010. On the first day, opened with a Plenary Lecturer presented by Duane J. Gubler (DUKE-NUS, Graduate Medical School, Singapore), Hak Hotta (Kobe University Graduate School of Medicine, Japan) and Tjandra Yoga Adhitama (Directorat General of CDC & Environmental Health RI) as well as seminars with the theme, among others, Basic Research on Dengue Virus, Clinical Research on Dengue and Clinical Research on Viral Hepatitis. Day two, the seminar re-opened with a Plenary Lecturer hosted by Mark Itzstein vo (University of Griffith, Australia) and Tatsuo Miyamura (NIID, Japan) and closed with a seminar with the theme of Management of Other Viral Viral Diseases and Vaccine. [si/nf]