Professor Profile

FKUI is the biggest and the best faculty of medicine in Indonesia. FKUI has experts in all over medical specialist. The existance of FKUI as the best faculty of medicine could be seen from the numbers and quality of its professors. By now, FKUI has more than 90 professors with their own expertise. 

For FKUI , professors has played a very important role. They are one of the element in faculty who responsible for the academic, research and community service development. The professors are also the flag carrier of FKUI reputation. Because of that, the professors is not only to improve or maintain the quality of academic and research but as a public relations of FKUI itself.

Adjunct Professor

University From
Appointed Field
Prof. Sentot Santoso
University of Giessen, Germany Nov, 14, 2008

Clinical Immunology and
Transfution Medicine

Prof. Xavier Leverve The Universite Joseph Fourier, France Aug, 18, 2009 Nutrition
Prof. Huw V. Smith Scottish Parasito Diagnostic Laboratory and University of Glasgow, Scotlanda Mei, 18, 2010 Parasitology
Prof. Hendri A. Verbrugh     Erasmus University, Netherland
June, 22, 2010 Microbiology
Prof. Shu-sen Zheng Zhejiang Medical University, China Des, 15,  2010

Liver Transplantation Surgery dan Pancreas

Prof. Bruce W.S. Robinson University of Western Australia, Australia August, 28, 2010 Pulmonology and Respiratory
Prof. Hans-Jurgen Magert Anhalt University of Applied Sciences, Germany
Oct, 25, 2011 Biology Molecullar
Prof. Patricia Price 
University of Western Australia, Australia Nov, 11, 2011 Immunology
Prof. Tan Hock Lim  Malaysia March, 13, 2012 Pediatric Surgery
Prof. Hak Hotta Kobe University, Japan Nov, 13, 2012 Microbiology
Prof. Brent A. Senior University of North Carolina, USA Feb, 18, 2013 ENT
Prof. Roy M. Soetikno Stanford University, USA Jun, 24, 2014 Endoskopi Gastrointestinal
Prof. Retno Wahyuningsih Universitas Kristen Indonesia, Indonesia Oct, 9, 2014 Micology

Visiting Professor

University From
Appointed Field
Prof. Rasjid Suparwata
University of Munster, Germany
Jan, 1, 2009

Thorax and Cardio Surgery

Prof. Theo J.M. De Witte
University Hospital Nijmegen, Netherland
July, 1, 2009 Hematology

Guest Professor

University From
Appointed Field
Prof. H.-J. Fedi Freisleben University of Frankfurt, Germany
June, 27, 1998

Biochemical Pharmacology

Here is our professor in FKUI:

Department of Anesthesiology and Intensive Care
Prof. Amir Sjarifuddin Madjid, Anesthesiologist, MD, PhD
Prof. Darto Satoto, Anesthesiologist, MD
Prof. Ruswan Dahlan, Anesthesiologist, MD

Department of Forensic and Medicolegal
Prof. Agus Purwadianto, Forensic Specialist, SH, MD, PhD
Prof. Budi Sampurna, Forensic Specialist, SH, MD
Prof. Herkutanto, Forensic Specialist, SH, MD, PhD

Department of Pediatrics
Prof. Agus Firmansjah, Pediatrician, MD, PhD
Prof. Arwin A. Purbaya Akip, Pediatrician, MD
Prof. Asril Aminullah, Pediatrician, MD
Prof. Bambang Madiyono, Pediatrician, MD
Prof. Bambang Supriyanto, Pediatrician, MD
Prof. Djajadiman Gatot, Pediatrician, MD
Prof. Husein Alatas, Pediatrician, MD
Prof. Iskandar Wahidiyat, Pediatrician, MD, PhD
Prof. Jose Rl. Batubara, Pediatrician, MD, PhD
Prof. Mardjanis Said, Pediatrician, MD
Prof. Rulina Suradi, Pediatrician, MD
Prof. Sri Rezeki S. Harun, Pediatrician, MD, PhD  
Prof. Sudigdo Sastroasmoro, Pediatrician, MD, PhD
Prof. Soepadi Sudibyo, Pediatrician, MD
Prof. Sofyan Ismael, Pediatrician, MD
Prof. Taralan Tambunan, Pediatrician, MD  

Department of Surgery
Prof. Akmal Taher, Urologist, MD, PhD
Prof. Aryono D. Pusponegoro, Surgeon, MD
Prof. Chaula Luthfia Sukasah, Oncology Surgeon, MD
Prof. Darmawan Kartono, Surgeon, PhD
Prof. Djoko Rahardjo, Urologist, MD
Prof. Djoko Simbardjo, Surgeon, MD
Prof. Errol Untung Hutagalung, Surgeon, MD
Prof. Ismid Djalil I Busroh, Surgeon, MD
Prof. Muchlis Ramli, Oncology Surgeon, MD
Prof. Rainy Umbas, Surgeon, MD
Prof. R. Sjamsuhidajat, Digestive Surgeon, MD
Prof. Soebroto Sapardan, Surgeon, MD

Department of Internal Medicine
Prof. Abdul Mutholib, Internist, MD
Prof. Ali Sulaiman, Internist, MD, PhD
Prof. Asman Boedisantoso R,  Internist, MD, PhD
Prof. Aziz Rani, Internist, MD
Prof. Dasnan Ismail, Internist, MD
Prof. Daldiyono, Internist, MD, PhD
Prof. Daulat Manurung, Internist, MD
Prof. Dinajani A. Mahdi, Internist, MD, PhD
Prof. Djoko Widodo, Internist, MD
Prof. Endang Susalit, Internist, MD, PhD
Prof. Hanafi B. Trisnohadi, Internist, MD
Prof. Harry Isbagio, Internist, MD, PhD
Prof. Haryanto Reksodipuro, Internist, MD, PhD
Prof. Herdiman T. Pohan, Internist, MD
Prof. Heru Sundaru, Internist, MD, PhD

Prof. Idrus Alwi, Internist, MD, PhD
Prof. Jahja Kisyanto, Internist, MD
Prof. Jose Roesma, Internist, MD, PhD
Prof. Karmel L. Tambunan,  Internist, MD, PhD
Prof. Karnen Garna B, Internist, MD, PhD
Prof. Laurentius A. Lesmana, Internist, MD, PhD
Prof. Lukman Hakim, Internist, MD
Prof. Marcellus Simadibrata, Internist, MD, PhD
Prof. M. Sulaiman Markum, Internist, MD
Prof. M. Supartondo, Internist, MD
Prof. Nurul Akbar, Internist, MD, PhD
Prof. Samsuridjal Djauzi, Internist, MD, PhD
Prof. Sarwono Waspadji, Internist, MD, PhD
Prof. Sidartawan Soegondo, Internist, MD, PhD
Prof. Sjaharudin Harun, Internist, MD
Prof. Suharjono, Internist, MD, PhD
Prof. Teguh Santoso S, Internist, MD, PhD
Prof. Wiguno Prodjosudjadi, Internist, MD
Prof. Zubairi Djoerban, Internist, MD
Prof. Zuljasri Albar,Internist, MD
Prof. Siti Setiati,Internist, MD, M.Epid, PhD
Prof. Pradana Soewondo,Internist, MD, PhD
Prof. Parlindungan Siregar, MD, PhD

Department of Ophtalmology
Prof. Edi Soepiandi, Ophthalmologist, MD
Prof. Nila Djuwita F. Moeloek, Ophthalmologist, MD, PhD
Prof. Rita Sita Sitorus, Ophthalmologis, MD, PhD

Department of Otorhinolaryngology
Prof. Bambang Hermani, Otolaryngologist, MD
Prof. Efiaty Arsjad Soepardi, Otolaryngologist, MD
Prof. Helmi, Otolaryngologist, MD
Prof. Hendarto Hendarmin, Otolaryngologist, MD
Prof. Jenny Bashiruddin, Otolaryngologist, MD, PhD

Department of Cardiology and Cardiovascular Medicine
Prof. Budhi Setianto, Cardiologist, MD, PhD
Prof. Dede Kusmana, Cardiologist, MD, PhD
Prof. Ganesja M. Harimurti, Cardiologist, MD
Prof. Harmani Kalim, MPH, Cardiologist, MD
Prof. Idris Idham, Cardiologist, MD, PhD
Prof. Sjukri Karim, Cardiologist, MD

Department of Obstetrics & Ginecology
Prof. med. Ali Baziad, Obstetrician and Gynecologist, MD, PhD
Prof. Andrijono, Obstetrician and Gynecologist, MD, PhD
Prof. Biran Affandi, Obstetrician and Gynecologist, MD, PhD
Prof. Endy M. Moegni, Obstetrician and Gynecologist, MD
Prof. Farid Aziz, Obstetrician and Gynecologist, MD, PhD
Prof. Farid Anfansa Moeloek, Obstetrician and Gynecologist, MD, PhD
Prof. Ichramsjah A. Rahman, Obstetrician and Gynecologist, MD, PhD
Prof. Nugroho Kampono, Obstetrician and Gynecologist, MD
Prof. Soegiharto, Obstetrician and Gynecologist, MD, PhD
Prof. TZ. Jacoeb, Obstetrician and Gynecologist, MD, PhD
Prof. Yunizaf, Obstetrician and Gynecologist, MD

Department of Clinical Pathology
Prof. Marzuki Suryaatmaja, Clinical Pathologist, MD
Prof. Rahayuningsih, Clinical Pathologist, MD, PhD
Prof. Riadi Wirawan, Clinical Pathologist, MD
Prof. Rustadi Sosrosumihardjo, Clinical Pathologist, MD, PhD
Prof. Siti Boedina Kresna, Clinical Pathologist, MD
Prof. Suzanna Immanuel, Clinical Pathologist, MD

Department of Pulmonology & Respiratory Medicine
Prof. Anwar Jusuf, Pulmologist, MD
Prof. E.J. Manuhuttu, Pulmonologist, MD, PhD
Prof. Faisal Yunus, Pumonologist, MD, PhD
Prof. Hadiarto Mangunnegoro, Pulmologist, MD
Prof. Menaldi Rasmin, Pulmologist, MD
Prof. Nirwan Arief, Pulmologist, MD
Prof. Tjandra Yoga Aditama, Pulmologist, MD
Prof. Wiwien Heru Wiyono, Pulmologist, MD, PhD

Department of Radiology
Prof. Cholid Badri, Oncology Radiologist, Md, PhD
Prof. M. Djakaria, Radiologist, MD
Prof. Soehartati Argodikoesumo, Radiologist, MD, PhD
Prof. Susworo, Radiologist, MD, PhD
Department of Neuro Surgery
Prof. Himan Mahyudin, Neurosurgeon, MD, PhD
Prof. R. Padmosantjojo, Neurosurgeon, MD

Department of Dermatovenereology
Prof. Adhi Djuanda, Dermatovenereologist, MD, PhD
Prof. Benny Effendi Wiryadi, Dermatovenereologist, MD
Prof. Retno Widowati Soebaryo, Dermatovenereologist, MD
Prof. Siti Aisah Boediardja, Dermatovenereologist, MD, PhD
Prof. Sjaiful Fahmi Daili, Dermatovenereologist, MD
Prof. Unandar Budimuljo, Dermatovenereologist, MD, PhD
Prof. Kusmarinah Bramono, Dermatovenereologist, MD, PhD
Department of Anatomic Patology
Prof. A.N. Kurniawan, Anatomic Pathologist, MD
Prof. Achmad Tjarta, Anatomic Pathologist, MD
Prof. I Made Nazar, MD
Prof. Mpu Kanoko Sastrosuwignyo, Anatomic Pathologist, MD, PhD
Prof. Rukmini R. Mangunkusumo, SpPA
Prof. Saukani Gumay, Anatomic Pathologist, MD
Prof. Santoso Cornain, Anatomic Pathologist, MD, DSc, PhD
Prof. Sutisna Himawan, Anatomic Pathologist, MD

Department of Community Medicine
Prof. Azrul Azwar, MD, MPH, PhD
Prof. Bastaman Basuki, MD, MPH, SpKP
Prof. Dra. Corrie Wawolumaja, SKM, MSc, PhD
Prof. Firman Lubis, MD, MPH
Prof. Endang Basuki, MD, MPH, PhD

Departement of Farmacology
Prof. Amir Sjarif, Clinical Farmacologist, MD
Prof. Armen Muchtar, Clinical Farmacologist, MD, PhD
Prof. Dra. Arini Setiawati, Clinical Farmacologist, PhD
Prof. Hedi Rosmiati, Clinical Farmacologist, MD
Prof. Fransiscus D. Suyatna, MD, PhD
Prof. Purwantyastuti, Clinical Farmacologist, MD, MSc, PhD
Prof. Rianto Setiabudy, Clinical Farmacologist, MD, PhD

Departement of Biology Medicine
Prof. Arjatmo Tjokronegoro, MD, PhD
Prof. Drs. Purnomo Suharso, PhD
Prof. Drs. Oentoeng Soeradi, MD
Prof. Nukman Helwi Moeloek, Andrologist, MD, PhD
Prof. Wahyuning Ramelan, Andrologist, MD, PhD

Departement of Microbiology
Prof. Agus Syahrurachman, Microbiologist, MD, PhD
Prof. Amin Subandrio W. Kusumo, Microbiologist, MD, PhD
Prof. Pratiwi Pujilestari Sudarmono, Microbiologist, MD, PhD
Prof. Robert Utji, Microbiologist, MD, PhD
Prof. Usman Chatib Warsa, Microbiologist, MD, PhD

Departement of Biochemistry and Biology Moleculer
Prof. Mohamad Sadikin, MD, DSc
Prof. Dr. Sri Widia A. Jusman, dr, MS

Departement of Histology
Prof. Jeanne Adiwinata P, MD, MS, PhD

Departement of Parasitology
Prof. Agnes Kurniawan, MD, PhD
Prof. Inge Sutanto, MD, M.Phil, PhD
Prof. Is Suhariah Ismid, MD, DTM & H
Prof. Saleha Sungkar, MD, MS

Departement of Neurology
Prof. Jusuf Misbah, Neurologist, MD
Prof. Teguh Assat S. Ranakusuma, Neurologist, MD
Prof. Santoso Wibowo, Neurologist, MD, PhD

Departement of Fisiology
Prof. Sri Bekti Subakir, Md, MS, PhD

Departement of Nutrition
Prof. Johana Savitri P. Rumawas, Clicinal Nutrition, MD

Departement of Psychiatry
Prof. Sasanto Wibisono, Psychiatrist, MD
Prof. Raden Irawati Ismail, Psychiatrist, MD, PhD

Medical Rehabilitation Programe
Prof. Angela B.M. Tulaar, MD, PhD


Secretariat :
Faculty of Medicine Universitas Indonesia
FKUI Building 1st Floor, Jl. Salemba Raya No. 6 Jakarta 10430
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