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One of the biggest challenges in globalization era is the free entry of foreign doctor to Indonesia. In order to answer the challenge, the establishment of International Class Program has become a crucial solution by Faculty of Medicine Universitas Indonesia (FKUI).

International Class program is specially designed to produce doctors that can compete with graduates from other countries and posses international-based competencies. Graduates of International Class Program are expected to be able to continue postgraduate education in medical education institution with international scale. With utilizing international standard curriculum, students are encouraged to develop learning method and acquire knowledge of science and clinical skills through various academic resources.

International Class Program is an international collaboration with University of Melbourne, Monash University, and University of Newcastle. In light of this collaboration, the graduates of International Class Program in FKUI would possess double degree, which are medical doctor (Universitas Indonesia) and Bachelor of Medical Science (University of Melbourne/ Monash/Newcastle). Students of International Class Program join academic activities in overseas countries (Australia or England) during the 4th year of the study. In the respective universities, students join programs including coursework or research projects. Students have plenty opportunities to deepen their understanding about research and apply it in a form of real research project.

Academic activities in International Class Program, including lecture, discussion, laboratory activities, assignment as well as examination, are conducted in English. Through the use of English, students are expected to learn about medicine in English that become the international language. International Class Program is designed to develop professionalism and utilizing international standard curriculum. Academic activities are conditioned such that students nurture their learning methods and cultivate skills through various academic resources in order to acquire knowledge and skills in medicine.

Teaching Method
Academic program of the students are held in FKUI campus Salemba and FKUI teaching hospitals. Academic program in FKUI using SPICES approach, which is:
-    Students Active Learning
-    Problem Based Learning
-    Integrated Teaching
-    Community Medicine
-    Early Clinical Exposure
-    Systematic

Education Stages Description of Competency Based Curriculum 2005:
Semester I:
Program for higher education / medical science education

Semester II – VI:
Integrated basic medical science with basic clinical skill

Semester VII-VIII:
Research Activities: Laboratory, healthcare centre, hospital, literature review dan database
(conducted in Australia, Monash University or Melbourne University)

Semester IX-XII:
Research, practice at clinics and public health with choice of programs and elective postings.



1.    Bachelor of Medical Science (Monash or Melbourne University)
2.    Bachelor of Medicine (Universitas Indonesia)
3.    Medical Doctor (Universitas Indonesia)


High school graduate from Indonesia and domestic or foreign international school with qualification endorsed by Indonesian Ministry of Education.

For further information, kindly contact:
FKUI International Class Program
IASTH Building 5th Floor
Jl. Salemba Raya No. 4 Jakarta Pusat – Indonesia
Tel / Fax : 021-3902408, 3903004, 31909005

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