Elective Posting

The Elective Posting (EP) Program Faculty of Medicine University of Indonesia is opened for overseas students of clinical years’ study and graduates from any medical school abroad who are interested in tropical and or community medicine. This program is arranged to accommodate medical student who wish to increase their knowledge on certain tropical diseases that are prevalent in Indonesia and most South East Asian countries. Candidates may also choose one or some of the available additional programs they are interested in.


  1. To increase knowledge of certain tropical disease which are prevalent in Indonesia and most South East Asian Countries.
  2. Additional program: to increase knowledge on certain medical fields: pediatrics, internal medicine, community medicine, dermatovenereology, otorhinolaringology, surgery, obstetry & gynecology.
  3. To have better understanding and knowledge on cultural and cultural and social aspects of the people of Indonesia



Teaching staff from the associated Departments in the Faculty of Medicine Universitas Indonesia will assist students of the EP Program. The  residences of the Departments will also assist participants.



  1. Candidates should be a student who has at last passed pre-clinical medical studies. A written recommendation from the Dean of his/her medical institution is required.
  2. The language used during the elective posting is mostly English. Candidate is recommended to learn and speak minimal Bahasa Indonesia (daily conversation) which will help him/her in the daily activities, especially in communicating with patients and colleagues. The student is eligible to use the library of the Faculty


For further information, please visit www.electiveposting.fk.ui.ac.id

Please do not hesitate to contact our International Relations Officer
should you have any further questions : iro-fkui@ui.ac.id