Department of Pediatric

General Information

Pediatric is a specialization of medicine that is related to infant and children. The word pediatric is taken from two words of Ancient Greek. “Paidi” means child and “iatros” means doctor. most of the pediatricians are the member of Indonesian Association of Pediatric (Ikatan Dokter Anak Indonesia), American Academy of Pediatrics, Canadian Pediatric Society or other organizations. Abraham Jacobi is the founding father of pediatric.

Pediatric is different from adult medicine. The difference in body size and maturity of development has made child health become a specialization. The smaller size of infant has different physiological aspect from the adult. Other medical aspects that affected are congenital defect, oncology and immunology. Simply, treating a young patient is not the same as treating the “small version” of adult patient. Childhood is the period of growth, development and maturity for all body organs.

In the 19th century, one of five children died before reaching age 5 years old. Most of the deaths were caused by infectious disease. Now, some of the deaths are prevented by treating the disease whenever it occurs. It can be done through immunization.

Pediatrician tries to prevent disease and other injuries before it occurs. Pediatrician educates parents about safety and nutrition. Pediatrician teaches the older children about avoiding injury or alcohol and tobacco addiction. Childhood is a transition period, prevention is the main concern of pediatric.

FKUI Department of Pediatric aims to extend excellent service that guarantee the satisfaction of stakeholder, achievement of internationally recognized education level, realization of medical research, creating accountable, fair and transparent management as well as the formation of pediatrician center with international standard.



There are 14 divisions in FKUI Department of Pediatric which include:



  1. Respirology
  2. Endocrinology
  3. Gastro-hepatology
  4. Hemato-oncology
  5. Pediatric Infectious and Tropical Disease
  6. Pediatric Emergency
  7. Cardiology
  8. Nephrology
  9. Nutrition and Metabolic Disease
  10. Radiology
  11. Neurology
  12. Perinatology
  13. Allergy Immunology
  14. Growth Development

Public Service


  1.     Abdul Latief, dr, SpA(K)
  2.     Agus Firmansyah, Prof, Dr, dr, SpA(K)
  3.     Alan Roland Tumbelaka, dr, SpA(K)
  4.     Aman B Pulungan, dr, SpA(K)
  5.     Antonius H Pudjiadi, dr, SpA(K)
  6.     Aryono Hendarto, dr, SpA(K)
  7.     Arwin Ali Purbaya Akib, Prof, dr, SpA(K)
  8.     B. Hegar Syarif, dr, SpA(K)
  9.     Bambang Supriyatno, Dr, dr, SpA(K)
  10.     Bambang Tridjaja, dr, SpA(K)
  11.     Bernie Endyarni, dr, SpA
  12.     Damajanti R. Syarif, Dr, dr, SpA(K)
  13.     Darmawan Budi S, dr, SpA(K)
  14.     Dina Muktiarti, dr, SpA
  15.     Dwi Putro Widodo, dr, SpA(K)
  16.     E.M.Dadi Sudjoko, dr, SpA(K)
  17.     Eka Laksmi H, dr, SpA
  18.     Endang Windiastuti, dr, SpA(K)
  19.     Evita Kariani N, dr, SpA(K)
  20.     HF Wulandari, dr, SpA
  21.     Hanifah Oswari, Dr, dr, SpA
  22.     Hardiono D.Pusponegoro, dr, SpA(K)
  23.     Hartono Gunardi, dr, SpA(K)
  24.     Hikari Ambara Sjakti, dr, SpA
  25.     Hindra Irawan Satari, dr, SpA
  26.     Idham Amir, dr, SpA(K)
  27.     Imral Chair, dr, SpA(K)
  28.     Irawan Mangunatmadja, dr,  SpA(K)
  29.     Irene Yuniar, dr, SpA
  30.     Jimmy Passat, dr, SpA(K)
  31.     Jose RL Batubara, dr, SpA(K), PhD
  32.     Kemas Firman, dr, SpA(K)
  33.     Mardjanis Said, Prof, dr, SpA(K)
  34.     Mulya Rahma Karyanti, dr, SpA
  35.     Mulyadi M Djer, Dr, dr, SpA
  36.     Murti Andriastuti, dr, SpA
  37.     Muzal Kadim, dr, SpA
  38.     Najib Advani, dr, SpA(K)
  39.     Nastiti Kaswandani, dr, SpA
  40.     Nia Kurniati, dr, SpA
  41.     Novie Amelia C, dr, SpA
  42.     Partini P Trihono, Dr, dr, SpA(K)
  43.     Piprim B Yanuarso, dr, SpA
  44.     Pramita Gayatri, Dr, dr, SpA(K)
  45.     Pustika Amalia, Dr, dr, SpA
  46.     RA Setyo Handryastuti, dr. SpA
  47.     Rinawati Rohsiswatmo, dr, SpA
  48.     Rini Sekartini, Dr, dr, SpA
  49.     Risma Kerina Kaban, dr, SpA
  50.     Rismala Dewi, dr, SpA
  51.     Risma Kerina Kaban, dr, SpA
  52.     Rini Sekartini, Dr, dr, SpA
  53.     Rosalina dewi R, dr, SpA
  54.     S. Harry Purwanto, dr, SpA(K)
  55.     Setyawati Lusyati, dr, SpA
  56.     Sudigdo Sastroasmoro, Prof, Dr, dr, SpA(K)
  57.     Sudung O Pardede, dr, SpA(K)
  58.     Sukman T Putra, dr, SpA(K)
  59.     Soedjatmiko, dr, SpA(K)
  60.     Soepardi Soedibjo, Prof, dr, MARS, SpA(K)
  61.     Sofyan Ismael, Prof, dr, SpA(K)
  62.     Sri Rezeki S.Harun, Prof, Dr, dr, SpA(K)
  63.     Teny Tjitra Sari, dr, SpA
  64.     Titis Prawitasari, dr, SpA
  65.     Waldi  Nurhamzah, dr, SpA(K)
  66.     Yoga Devaera, dr, SpA
  67.     Zakiudin Munasir, Dr, dr, SpA(K)

Department of Pediatrics
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